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Enhance your professional development in Quantitative Risk Management by applying Optimization and Predictive Modeling to support decisions.

International Institute of Professional Education and Research (IIPER)® - Verified Training Program
CQRM Accreditation

CQRM LEVEL II 🌎 Certification Program

Course Curriculum

  • 01


    • CQRM MasterClass: Introduction to Optimization and Forecasting (34 min)

    • CQRM Reading: Integrated Risk Analysis Model

    • Know More: IIPER | CQRM Level III (Strategic Real Options)

    • Quiz 1 – CQRM LEVEL II - Introduction

  • 02

    UNIT 5: OPTIMIZATION (50 min)

    • A Quick Note

    • CQRM - Getting Started - Support Material Ebook (MOBI - EPUB -AZW3)

    • UNIT 5 - CQRM Support Material - General Overview and Preparation

    • Getting Started - Risk Simulator Support

    • Optimization Theory and Application Overview (25 min)

    • Optimization Hands-On Modeling (25 min)

    • Quiz 2 - UNIT 5 - CQRM LEVEL II

  • 03

    UNIT 6 - PART 1: FORECASTING (120 min)

    • UNIT 6 Part 1 - CQRM Support Material - General Overview and Preparation

    • Forecasting Theory: Autocorrelation, Heteroskedasticity, Micronumerosity, Multicollinearity, Seasonality, Sphericity (25 min)

    • Forecasting with Time-series Models, J-S Curves, Stochastic Processes (30 min)

    • Quiz 3 - UNIT 6 Part 1 - CQRM LEVEL II

  • 04


    • UNIT 6 Part 2 - CQRM Support Material - General Overview and Preparation

    • Multiple Regression, Functional Forms, Multivariate Analysis, and Others Models (35 min)

    • Other Advanced Forecasting Methods: ARIMA, Econometrics, GARCH, Cubic Spline, Limited Dependent Variables, and Stochastic Processes (30 min)

    • Quiz 4 - UNIT 6 Part 2 - CQRM LEVEL II

  • 05


    • Final Evaluation - Optimization and Predictive Forecasting

    • General Survey | CQRM LEVEL II


Monte Carlo Simulation Profile


⏰ 8.4 Hours, Online

There is a 90% probability that the completion time will be between 8 and 8.7 hours.

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Meet your CQRM Director

Prof. Dr Johnathan Mun | PhD, MS, MBA, BS, CQRM, FRM, CFC, MIFC

👨‍⚖️Chairman of OSL Analytics Academy (UK) and CEO of Real Options Valuation (US).

🏛 Dr Mun is the IIPER-CQRM’s Program Director coordinating worldwide executive programs and professional accreditations in quantitative methods and risk management and enhancing high-quality teaching across OSL Analytics Academy and among the IIPER Certified Trainers.

👨‍🎓 He has a Ph.D. in finance and economics, an MBA in business administration, an M.S. in the area of management science, and a BS in applied sciences. He is certified in Financial Risk Management (FRM), Certified in Financial Consulting (CFC), and Certified Quantitative Risk Management (CQRM).

👨‍🏫 As the software's creator, with more than 12 patents and 10,000 pages of copyrighted materials, he teaches Risk Analysis, Real Options for Analysts, Risk Analysis for Managers, CQRM, and other courses. He has written over 25 books on the topic of risk management. Dr. Mun has consulted many Fortune 500 firms and the U.S. Department of Defence.

📚 He is also a full professor at the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School and has held other adjunct professorships at various universities. In addition, he has published more than 200 academic articles in top well-know peer-review journals.

👍ResearchGate Profile

"CQRM helps individuals to maximize and update their skills, knowledge, and experience in quantitative methods and risk management, ensuring clear paths to success within their current role and progression to future ones."


CQRM LEVEL II - Detailed Content

🚀MODULE 5: Optimization with Risk Simulator
📚 Chapter 1: Introduction to Optimization
📚 Chapter 2: Continuous Optimization
📚 Chapter 3: Integer Optimization

🚀MODULE 6: Forecasting
📚 Chapter 1: Overview of Forecasting Techniques and Data Types
📚 Chapter 4: Nonlinear Extrapolation
📚 Chapter 5: Multivariate Linear and Nonlinear Regression Analysis
📚 Chapter 6: Stochastic Processes
📚 Chapter 7: Advanced Forecasting: Box-Jenkins ARIMA and Auto ARIMA, GARCH, J-Curve, S-Curves, Markov Chains, Data Diagnostics, Statistical Properties, Basic Econometrics
CQRM Level 2