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OSL Analytics Academy, in collaboration with the International Institute of Professional Education and Research (IIPER) and other affiliated learning providers, has decided to enhance professional development using this online platform with accelerated executive programs in quantitative risk management, data science, project management, decision analytics, real options, quantitative methods, among other initiatives.

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OSL Analytics Academy is going to provide you with “Lifetime Access” to the training materials and videos. Every time we upgrade a training program to introduce new functionalities, you will be benefited as well.

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Meet your OSL Analytics Academy Leaders

Professional Development in Risk-Based Strategic Decisions

Dr Elvis Hernandez-Perdomo is an Executive Director of OSL Risk Management and Academic Director of OSL Analytics Academy. PhD in Finance (University of Hull) and PhD in Engineering Science. Dr Elvis has an outstanding professional career in consulting services for multinational companies and an extensive academic experience in risk management, corporate finance, enterprise risk management (ERM), project management and corporate governance. Dr Elvis brings to OSL Analytics Academy his innate ability of teaching and supporting professionals to maximize their potential in risk-based strategic decisions, real options, data analytics, and quantitative risk management with industry applications.

Dr Elvis Hernandez-Perdomo, PhD

Academic Director

Meet your OSL Analytics Academy Leaders

Professional Development in Risk-Based Strategic Decisions

Prof. Dr Johnathan Mun is the IIPER-CQRM Program Director coordinating worldwide executive programs and professional accreditations in quantitative methods and risk management, and also enhancing high-quality teaching across OSL Analytics Academy and among the IIPER Certified Trainers. As the founder and CEO of Real Options Valuation, Inc., Dr Mun is responsible for the development of its suite of analytical software products and consulting. As the software's creator, with more than 12 patents and 10,000 pages of copyrighted materials, he teaches Risk Analysis, Real Options for Analysts, Risk Analysis for Managers, CQRM, and other courses. He has written over 25 books on the topic of risk management. Dr. Mun has consulted many Fortune 500 firms and the U.S. Department of Defense. He is also a full professor at the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School and has held other adjunct professorships at various universities.

Prof. Dr Johnathan Mun, PhD

Chairman of OSL Analytics Academy

What others are saying

Sustainability of business depends on how risk and data are included in decision making

“The passion and enthusiasm of the trainers have whilst delivering his training courses are infectious. Supported by industry applications and direct examples, the executive courses, including the CQRM, are well recommended to anyone in the field of risk management”

Operations Manager

Stefan Callis

“Great executive programs to ensure that managers understand and quantify the risk impacts makes risk management easy for them to make decisions to sustain shareholders’ investments”

Senior Enterprise Risk Manager

Winifred Dela Setor Smith

“Excellent teaching methods make the learning experience much smoother than expected from the first impressions. The instructors set your decision analytics thinking from the very first lesson”

FIChemE and Chief Process Engineer

Neil Harvey

“Organizational Risk Management provides the key to the best of decisions taken by the leadership of corporate institutions in various industries. These professional training programs in quantitative risk management give decision-making tools to prevent arbitrary actions by managers.”

CEO of Premier Health Insurance

Percy Asare Ansah

“Hands-on training programs that give you the opportunity to practice your learnings before progressing to the next unit. Set within the quantitative risk management framework, it affords you the opportunity of working out the real and probabilistic quantitative impact on objectives. Great confidence booster for risk management enthusiasts and professionals.”

Deployment Support Manager

Adam Braimah Jehuri

“Very practical and with very specific content and courses. Dr. Elvis is always attentive to your questions through any means of communication. It has been a rewarding experience, totally recommended!!!”

Risk Manager

César Adrián Hernández Viveros

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