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“Fundamentals of Quantitative Risk Quantification and Business Simulations”, Applications for the Energy Industry, is an accelerated 12-CPD-hour online training course prepares professionals to enter and advance in the field of Risk Management and Decision Analysis using a Quantitative Approach

Building the Next Net-Zero Workforce with Risk-Based Analytical Skills

Fundamentals in Quantitative Risk Management

  • Introduction to Risk Modelling

    Introduces topics related to Risk Modelling, considering static and dynamic models, and uncertainty analysis, and starts the journey of Quantitative Risk Management using the Risk Simulator software.

  • Risk Measurements and Data Analysis

    Helps to understand risk measurements and key indicators for data analysis, including distribution fitting, expert information, and uncertainty propagation.

  • Correlation and Sensitivity Analysis

    Explores the relationship between correlation and risk management and introduces sensitivity analysis to understand risk profiles and sources of variability.

  • Risk Profiles and Stress Testing

    Helps to connect information from Risk Profiles and Stress Testing to decision support, comparing multiple options, analysing extreme events, and challenging your assumptions and

  • Industry Applications

    Introduces the “Case Studies” to apply the approaches and analytics learned and increase the level of confidence presenting and discussing your results and outcomes for decision support.

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Course Curriculum

Investing in Professional Development to Enhance Effective Risk Management

Bonus material

Enhancing risk management and quantitative methods to make informed decisions

  • Bonus material

    Excel files with all examples and solutions to start applying quantitative risk management.

  • Lifetime Access

    Lifetime access to videos, pdf files, models, and support material (it does not include software).

  • Bonus material

    At the end of the course, the instructor will provide an online MasterClass considering integrated applications in risk quantification and decision support.

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Learn how to implement a risk management approach into business analysis

  • Introduce risk quantification practices to make informed decisions using Monte Carlo Risk Simulations and Decision

  • Understand business risk models (financial and non-financial), you can identify and quantify risks and shape relevant skills for any successful risk management professional

  • Enhance new technological skills using the Risk Simulator Software and managerial skills solving Case Studies (part of the course materials)

Know your Instructor

Dr Elvis Hernandez-Perdomo (PhD in Fin. | PhD in EngSc.)

👨‍⚖️Executive Director of OSL Risk Management (UK). Senior Executive Consultant/Trainer at Real Options Valuations and OSL Consulting Engineers leading international projects across Europe, America and Africa, with over nineteen years of professional experience in risk management, decision analytics, ERM, project management, and real options for energy and oil and gas companies, Banks and Insurance, and SMEs.

👨‍🎓 PhD in Finance (University of Hull), PhD in Engineering Science, MSc in Statistics and Operational Research, MSc in Finance, and BS in Economics.

👨‍🏫 Senior Executive Trainer for Certified in Quantitative Risk Management (CQRM Accreditation) at the International Institute of Professional Education and Research (IIPER) and Energy Institute.


Quantitative Risk Management in the Energy Industry

“Quantitative risk management is key for companies right now in terms of risk and uncertainty. IIPER certified training programs are supported by dedicated lecturers, well explored topics. and solid theoretical foundation.”

Business and Management Consultant

Dr. Sooter Nomhwange

“Quantitative Risk Management is central to business survival and growth, and it is becoming more and more a relevant for corporate governance practices.”

Managing Director

Frank Moxon

“Quantitative Risk Management enhances Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) implementations, everything should support business continuity and corporate performance”

Enterprise Risk Specialist

Fahed Hasan

Energy Institute | Fundamentals in Quantitative Risk Management

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